Fluffy, Fleecy and Feathery

Lightness is a fundamental asset in the current trends of the apparel industry, especially when we speak about outerwear that, more and more often, have to combine comfort with technical properties

Italy Reveals its New Dimensions

The body proportions of the Italian population have changed significantly in recent decades. A survey of current body measurements was tackled by Sistemi Assyst in the SizeITALY project, with the support of the apparel industry and retail trade

Italian Women’s Fashion in 2013-2014

According to the data provided by Sistema Moda Italia after a year 2012 in which the Italian women’s fashion industry (understood as including fabric outerwear, knitwear, shirts, and leather apparel) substantially confirmed its results for 2011, in 2013 as well the sector turnover changed little with respect to the previous year

Sustainable denim by Italdenim

According to data cited by Levi's, it takes almost 5000 liters of water to produce a pair of jeans, while the C02 produced is 32.3 pounds, the equivalent of the carbon dioxide processed by 6 trees in one year. These data are particularly important because jeans are perhaps the most popular item of clothing in the world

Is Russian taste closer to Europe?

The tеxtile and clothing industry has a long tradition in Russia. But how has it changed? Which is the perception of the Made in Italy? Anastasia Buchinskaya, a young fashion designer that is now launching her own collection of scarves from natural silk, gave us some answers