Continuous innovation for the fashion industry


assystThe fashion industry is becoming more complex and more pressing are the challenges: reduce time and collections costs, increase of the productivity, improve the product quality, and manage the cooperation with partners in the world.
In this context, the right technology makes the difference. Human Solutions Group, is the technological partner in CAD, PLM & ERP, able to provide software solutions for the fashion industry and bonded together to form a seamless process and also innovation is continuous.
Some of the main areas of innovation:
Vidya 3D: more and more garments today can be simulated in 3D, and quality in the definition of the characteristics of fabrics, materials and draping is impressive. The system can handle today’s more and more layers and with a more intuitive user interface.  Today Vidya uses virtual scanatars from the wider anthropometric survey of the population, SizeGERMANY, to reflect body sizes and shapes of the selected target group.
SIzeITALY: the survey was completed and the updated data of the Italian population (sizes, shapes and socio-demographic data) are available in iSize for fashion companies who want to optimize their size table on a scientific basis to optimize the fitting of their garments .
3D Bodyscanner: a new bodyscanner based on the technology of depth sensors (Kinect) joins the existing family. Advantages: small footprint, portability, low cost. The future is increasingly virtual.
Fashion Cloud: a valuable aid to facilitate the cooperation and data transfer between manufacturing partners.