Industrial Ironining and Finishing Machines


pony2The world of textiles and their use in fashion are constantly and quickly evolving. Technological and innovative fabrics are being widely used both in hand-made and in industrial production of garments.

PONY, leader in the manufacturing of state-of-the-art industrial ironining and finishing machines keeps a sharp eye on what this market requires and offers a wide range of finishing machines, to iron all kinds of garments: 

  • pony3Ironing tables; from the simplest vacuum boards to tables with 3 functions (vacuum/blowing/steam) all available with extras such as sleeve ironing shapes, topper shapes and spotting shapes.
  • Form finishers for outerwear; simple or with tensioning system; hybrid form finishers for shirts and outerwear.
  • Shirt Finishers; well-appreciated for their versatility, productivity and extreme ease of use.
  • Pants Toppers, which can be rated among the best ones available on the market. Suitable for finishing jeans and classic pants. Their versions with special clamps, and effective anti-stretching devices (for waist and legs), are particularly recommended for stretch fabrics.
  • pony1Spotting Machines: professional cold or steam spotting machines.
  • Steam Generators.
  • A wide range of finishing presses.

Professionalism and competence in supporting the right choice, as well as an impeccable post-selling customer care, are guaranteed by Pony distributors, across Italy as well as around the world.

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