Italy Reveals its New Dimensions

The body proportions of the Italian population have changed significantly in recent decades. A survey of current body measurements was tackled by Sistemi Assyst in the SizeITALY project, with the support of the apparel industry and retail trade

Donna_media Uomo_medioIn Italy, on average, this generation is larger and taller than their parents and grandparents. The result is that more and more people find it difficult to find apparel with an optimal size and fit in the stores.

This is why, from August 2012 until the end of December 2013, the body dimensions of more than 6,000 men, women and children aged between 6 and 75 were acquired at 18 measuring sites throughout Italy thanks to the 3D scanner technology provided by Sistemi Assyst, the Italian member of the Human Solutions Group. Measurement was carried out in four postures, one sitting and three standing. An electronic twin (scan) of the participant based on a single cycle’s measuring points – numbering around half a million – was created on the PC. 44 dimensions like height, chest and waist circumference were acquired from this twin for the apparel industry. The data acquired remains anonymous and it also includes socio-demographic information such as gender, age, etc…


“L´Italia si misura”, the last serial measurement program in Italy, took place in 1990 and 1991. The following changes were determined in:

Female Italian population between the ages of 18 and 65 (compared to the average values of 1990/91):

Height: an increase of around 0.5 cm.

Chest circumference: an increase of around 11.4 cm.

Waist circumference: an increase of around 7 cm.

Weight: an increase of around 2.3 kg.

Male Italian population between 18 and 65 (in comparison to the average values of 1990/91):

Height: an increase of around 0.8 cm.

Chest circumference: an increase of around 7.6 cm.

Waist circumference: an increase of around 4.2 cm.

Weight: an increase of around 3.1 kg.

The companies from trade and industry involved in the SizeITALY project are currently reviewing the results of the serial measurement survey. The goal in future is to be able to offer consumers apparel with optimized size & fit.

Providing the Data via the iSize Portal
The results of SizeITALY are made available to participating companies using an Internet portal developed by the Human Solutions Group for company-specific evaluations. This provides maximum flexibility for dynamic analyses that can be adapted to individual customer profiles in terms of age, for example and other socio-demographic characteristics – ensuring that the SizeITALY partners possess a significant market advantage. 


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