Shima Seiki

Solutions for the Modern Knitting Industry


Through its theme “Breakthrough Technology” Shima Seiki proposes solutions for the current needs of the knitting industries in China and Asia and beyond, while emphasizing the importance of sustaining those industries for the future.

With its new workhorse SVR machine (in the picture), Shima Seiki proposes new applications in shaping and integral knitting through higher production efficiency and flexibility, resetting the industry benchmark once again in the tradition of its legendary SES and SSG machines. It also proposes the specialty intarsia machine MACH2SIR with 40 intarsia carriers being the highest number of carriers currently available, and the coarse gauge SCG122SN featuring Shima Seiki’s original SlideNeedle known for its wider range of knitting techniques, greater flexibility, higher efficiency and optimum loop formation and fabric quality.

The rapid growth of the domestic fashion industry in China along with increased demand for more fashionable, higher quality items, make Wholegarment® become a viable alternative to conventional knitting methods so that Wholegarment® can now be considered an optional upgrade to current production. In that respect, the planning, design and virtual sampling capability of Shima Seiki’s SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system make it an essential partner to Wholegarment® knitting.

The new SRY machine offers full control over pressdown of individual loops for unprecedented capability in flechage and inlay patterns, opening doors to new possibilities in knit fashion as well as technical textiles. Shima Seiki also presents a new updated version of SIP flatbed inkjet printing machine.