Fluffy, Fleecy and Feathery

Lightness is a fundamental asset in the current trends of the apparel industry, especially when we speak about outerwear that, more and more often, have to combine comfort with technical properties

If once it could be considered a temporary trend, it is now clear that wadded jackets, waistcoats, blazers and coats turned out to be an absolute must-have. Not only friends of sports and outdoor activities but also enthusiasts of fashion want to have light and functional pieces, which are trendy as well as convenient.

As alternative to downs, classic volume fleece and waddings Tenowo GmbH contributes to the trend of light and thin waddings with their developed Zetawatt and Zetafil qualities. In spite of comparatively low thicknesses Tenowo’s qualities are well suited for “light” waddings by matching the requested characteristics.

Due to a low weight, good warming properties, only a slight water absorption and a quick drying will be achieved. Thereby a soft character for an optimal wearing comfort as well as washability and dry cleaning resistance will be guaranteed.

Beside the field of application “wadding” Tenowo GmbH attend and accompany the apparel industry with individual and innovative solutions and provide the perfect fit and stability with nonwoven, woven or knitted interlinings.

The areas of use include front and small part fusing for ladies’ and men’s wear, as well as interlining combinations, e.g. for cuffs and collars, for shirts or special fusing for dresses and blouses.

Tenowo can also provide special products, e.g. for shoulderpads, jacket undercollars or sleeve-head-rolls. Aside from rolled goods Tenowo is also able to offer tapes in various dimensions and types (straight, bias, perforated), as well as special tapes.


eswegee products (made by Tenowo) stand out for their realistic and practical development in cooperation with partners from the industry and fashion, a high level of quality as well as an overall certified quality control system.

A high degree of personal customer service, flexibility, reliable delivery performance, adherence to schedules, as well as close proximity to our customers, go without saying.