Sustainable denim by Italdenim

According to data cited by Levi's, it takes almost 5000 liters of water to produce a pair of jeans, while the C02 produced is 32.3 pounds, the equivalent of the carbon dioxide processed by 6 trees in one year. These data are particularly important because jeans are perhaps the most popular item of clothing in the world

So Long Pumice Stone!

Geopower NPSTM is the name of the latest innovation by Garmon Chemicals, promising to transform dramatically the approach to garment finishing: an environmentally conscious, cutting-edge chemical compound able to remove pumice stone from denim washing while obtaining the same result in a sustainable and advantageous way
Made in Italy

Sartoria Saint Andrews, on a Human Scale

Contemporary artisans. A fifty yearsā€™ archive of patterns, exclusive finest fabrics and nearly 170 tailors to obtain mass ā€œhand madeā€ menswear. A passion for contemporary, tradition on their shoulders