An Italian branch for Optitex


Since the end of 2012 the Italian branch of Optitex has become operative and the first results are already visible but many Italian customers that in the past purchased the Optitex applications from the dealers are not yet aware of the possibility to update the software contacting directly  the Italian branch

The updates of version 12 are very important because they add new features to the previous versions and the Italian branch of Optitex offers the updates at attractive and exclusive conditions.
Thanks to some marketing activities, such as road shows, advertising pages, mailing lists, the company informs Italian users that Optitex now operates directly in Italy, without the cooperation of the retailers.
Several companies that have updated the old versions can now use the new features PDS, new converters and the powerful solution Nest + +2 for automatic nesting.
The Italian branch, managed by Luciano Cerioni, shows the interest that the Israeli HQ company has in the Italian market, renowned all over the world for creativity and intuition in the fashion sector.
With the 3D suite, the “Virtual becomes Real” and it is possible to edit the pattern on a parametric dummy with an interactive feedback 2D – 3D; using powerful animation tools, the model is assembled on the mannequin, considering the features of the fabric and the seams, and is then completed with the accessories, ready to walk on a virtual show.

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