Entrepreneurship, great traditional knowledge, love for culture, for one’s country and roots. Above all, people, converting tradition into heart, taste, responsiveness and active intelligence. All this is San Lorenzo Confezioni, which brings Made in Italy products from the Nebrodi Mountains area to the world.


San Lorenzo Confezioni in San Marco d’Alunzio (province of Messina) is no common business: an extended family that makes haute couture garments for major domestic and international designers and manufacturing companies, and that has always worked following high ethical standards.

Far-sighted founder Filippo Miracula‘s mother, wishing to “save him from the street” since he was seven, after school, used to send him to a tailor’s to learn his trade. This first step set the standard of what was to become a big company, known and appreciated worldwide.

Growth and Diversification

San Lorenzo’s core business has always been an accurate and exclusive processing of double face apparel, with rare and valuable fabrics processed according to ancient sewing tradition.

Filippo ed Emanuele Miracula

«The business has been growing quickly, both in its size and staff as well as type of products made» Filippo’s son Emanuele Miracula explains: today he and his brothers lead San Lorenzo, supported by their parents.
«In the past, we used to offer mainly hand-made double face garments. Later on, also further to various crisis that hit the garment manufacturing industry in the 2000’s, the great intuition of my father was to start investing and diversifying, while adding new types of garments – in particular Sportswear and Outerwear – that let us work all year round without interruption».

Their organisation is built around the need to support customers along the whole manufacturing and management cycle: from order acquisition to customer delivery, the relationship with the client, from design management to contacts with designers, pattern makers, chief engineers, logistics and management.

Organization of production

At San Lorenzo’s they carry out all steps internally. Starting from the study of a pattern, from the sketch to the grading, with Investronica-Lectra CAD stations.

In the cutting room they work on Orox and Investronica automatic cutters; however, they still make extended use of cutting by hand, both on striped or checked fabrics, and each time customers ask for it, wishing to obtain a handmade product.

Innovative technology on the assembly line can support the wise hands of those who convert fabrics into a finished garment: from sewing machines, mainly Juki‘s, to tables, pressing systems and dummies by Macpi. Top quality sewing threads are from Gütermann‘s.

Orox cutter

San Lorenzo Confezioni: Excellence and New Generations

«In a globalisation era – Filippo Miracula told us – we can only grow in excellence. Every day, we commit ourselves to make an excellent product, with the aim of improving further».

Is this the secret of the success of the company? «For sure, plus our passion, the desire to get things going, our love for the territory, the tenacity of never giving up».

Young people have a chance here, even alongside the assembly line and in the hand stitching section, which means that they wish to learn. «Training is also part of our job in the company – Emanuele adds – above all on the field; in fact, what really matters is to understand craftsmanship, the importance of a correct use of needles, which is quite a lot and not everybody can learn it ».