The New KL 311 CNC-Sewing Unit


DAPDAP presented the new KL 311 CNC-Sewing Unit with 360° rotating sewing head, sewing field 1.000×1.000 m. Excellent seam quality and constant thread tension in all sewing directions allow the use of this CNC-sewing unit in all areas of technical textiles manufacture with highest demands on quality, i.e. visible seam paths. Among its main features we can mention:

  • AC servo motors for axis X – Y – Z.
  • Free programmable sewing.
  • Touch screen operator panel.
  • Automatic template detection for 15 sewing programs.
  • Upper sewing head liftable.
  • 1 needle, double lock stich (301).
  • Upper and lower thread trimmer.
  • Upper thread breakage sensor.
  • Lower thread monitoring by stitch count.
  • Lower thread bobbin winder.