2019 promises to be notable for Gerber Technology, as they deliver on a robust roadmap and work toward the opening of their NYC Innovation Center and Microfactory.

The first of Gerber’s many software releases expected this year concerns Version 12 of the AccuMark Platform, that addresses both on-demand or digital printing workflows as well as fully optimized mass production operations thanks to its robust feature set, solving the business’ need for speed and customers’ demands for personalization.

V12 of AccuMark: speed and personalization

Mary McFadden, VP of CAD Product Management, Gerber Technology, said: «To survive and more importantly thrive in today’s markets, fashion players need to improve their agility, speed and connectivity».

Personalization, convenience and value: online and offline shoppers want it all. They expect brands and retailers to understand their needs and deliver new styles and trends faster than ever before. «Our Version 12 AccuMark Platform release delivers on these demands» continues McFadden, «from product design and development to 3D sampling through optimized production planning and manufacturing».

Version 12 software advancements

AccuMark 2D CAD – The intelligent CAD pattern design, grading, and marker making application has added a vast number of new features in V12. New features are focused on simplification and giving users more control of their entire workflow with more options for personalization and modern controls. Some key enhancements include multi-dimensional grading as an easier alternative to alterations, pattern wizard updates to simplify and shorten processes, expanded digital printing workflow capabilities, personalized reporting options and visual customization tools.


AccuMark 3D – The fully-integrated 2D to 3D solution continues to build on the integration of Avametric Fabric Simulation Engine added in V11. Version 12 adds support for optical and surface texture effects from Vizoo and X-Rite scanners to provide an even higher level of realism. A new live drag within a simulation allows a user to tug on a garment to help assess and control fit. Avatars with additional poses have been added to help with speed and personalization. Finally, to enable designers to validate ideas early in the concepting stage, AccuMark now offers a hi-resolution photorealistic prototyping service improving speed and cutting weeks off a development cycle.

AccuPlan™ integrates seamlessly with AccuMark to optimize spread and cut planning. Version 12 of AccuPlan includes the addition of multiple fabric property features to capture selvage, shrink/stretch percentage values and major enhancements to planning and reporting features. The updates to the AccuPlan application continue to improve speed, efficiency and the optimization of material utilization. The new fabric property features allow for greater planning and optimized material consumption. The addition of customizations in reporting and a new production tracker report provides greater management control and visualization into the workflow for improved agility and the ability to plan multiple purchase orders together, and accurately report on fabric consumption.

Innovation and training

«We continue to examine key industry trends and listen closely to our customers in our development cycle» said McFadden. «This is what drove all of the innovations we added in this release».

With the launch of AccuMark Platform Version 12, comprehensive online and in-person training can be secured through Gerber University. The training platform provides classes on AccuMark, 3D, pattern design and more.