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A New Version of its C.O.P. in .net Language

Morgan Dynamics srl, software house of the Morgan Group, has recently launched the new version of its well known C.O.P. (Cut Order Planning), re-written in .net language, with a more modern and intuitive…


Quick and Easy Fabric Cutting

In its workshop Foggiato tests all the machines before shipment, in order to increase the facilities provided to its customers. Foggiato is in charge of the exclusive distribution of the Double-Cut, a made…


Increased Productivity and Flexibility for any Material

Seia is the official distributor for Italy of Kuris Gmbh’s products. It works in the sector of cutting technology for several materials like: fabrics, technical materials and leather. S.e.i.a. srl has always put…

Rising again and being successful

Two young entrepreneurs from industrial-minded families bring back to life an old glory of Made in Italy discredited for wrong investments and production stagnation

The story of Bierrebi from Bologna is a beautiful story of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. Past and present. Founded in 1963 for the production of cutting machines for fabrics and equipment for their packaging,…


Constantly looking to innovation

A company which has always been structured to supply production cycle for companies in the textile/clothing industry, technical fabrics and their composites. With a view to quality and innovation

For FKgroup, company from Dalmine (BG) specializing in technological solutions and services for the textile and clothing industry (from CAD systems to plotters, from automatic cutting of fabrics to fully automated cutting rooms),…

Sipe Tecnologie

Celebrating 20 years of the brand Caron

Sipe Tecnologie (cutting room solutions) has recently introduced Lion “I” (Industrial) the automatic spreader dedicated to the industrial market. Lion “I” was presented exactly 1 year after “Lion”, the apparel spreader with a…

Morgan Tecnica

Cutting in a new way

Morgan Group presents Morgan Match Pointer, a simple and effective system to manage the centering and automatic cutting of pieces on fabrics with repetition or panels. A special camera, positioned above the cutting…

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