Sipe Tecnologie

Celebrating 20 years of the brand Caron


Sipe Tecnologie (cutting room solutions) has recently introduced Lion “I” (Industrial) the automatic spreader dedicated to the industrial market. Lion “I” was presented exactly 1 year after “Lion”, the apparel spreader with a capacity of 100 and 200 kg and that has replaced the line “Jet”. This “Industrial” version has some important features: first, a higher flow rate (up to 300 kg), a networking and a labeling machine, directly on the spreader, which allows the users to label the fabric after the spreading and before the cutting. Measures have been adapted to the industrial market and, beyond the classic 160-180-200-220 cm widths, also the 240, 260 and 320 cm versions are available. Lion “I” is the results of a 20 year experience that has allowed Sipe Tecnologie to improve its experience ensuring bigger productivity and flexibility for any material to propose and prepare “made to measure” solutions for the customers. Sipe Tecnologie is the manufacturer of the brand Caron and this year celebrates its 20 years in business, 20 years of success that allowed the company to grow and to propose more and more technologically advanced solutions. The brand Caron is now present in more than 1,000 customers and it is synonym of quality and reliability, it is a brand name appreciated not only in Italy, but since 2009 also in many countries of the world.

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