A New Version of its C.O.P. in .net Language


MorganMorgan Dynamics srl, software house of the Morgan Group, has recently launched the new version of its well known C.O.P. (Cut Order Planning), re-written in .net language, with a more modern and intuitive graphic interface. COP.net is a strong and powerful tool, whose specific algorithms allow the user to optimize both small and fragmented orders for a lot of sizes and colours (typical of the formalwear) and big orders for just a few sizes and colours (typical of casualwear) in order to have a real fabric saving, between  5% and 7% on average. The numbers are quite impressive once you change this percentage into metres, i.e. in euros, saved every year. But this is not all: COP.net is also able to generate further significant savings in the labour time, thanks to both the balancing and optimization of the spreading and cutting time of every single lay and thanks to the balancing of the workloads and the saturation of the various lines. COP.net also elaborates real time order simulations for models of the coming season, in order to estimate the unit consumption and provide the useful information needed for a proper fabric buying policy. COP.net is also integrated with the Morgan spreading and automatic cutting machines and with the ERP systems and fabric storage.