Biancalani: specialists in the finishing of each textile

The continuous Airo 24 Evo 5 tumbler that will be exhibited at ITMA Barcelona

Biancalani, a Tuscan company whose core business has always been the production of finishing machinery, has in store some news that will be presented in Barcelona at the next ITMA: a continuous tumbler, a modular pre-dryer, a machine for knit relax and stabilization and a high-efficiency washing line in open-width

Founded in 1957 in the Prato district by Fiorenzo Biancalani, the historic company Biancalani began its activity producing finishing machines for wool and wool-blended fabrics.

«Over the years – says Rossano Biancalani, owner of the company together with his brother Massimo and his sister Rossana – we have developed new machinery able to carry out treatments not only on woollen fabrics, but on all types of textile surfaces, becoming a reference point for the entire textile finishing sector. What has distinguished the history of our company is the Research and Development activity, to which we have always dedicated great resources to provide our customers constant novelties. One of Biancalani’s strengths is our technological office, which our customers can always address for advice on how to carry out certain treatments, or even simply to test the machines in order to evaluate the advantages since their introduction into their own production lines».

A success that has lasted for over thirty years

Among the most successful technologies of Biancalani there is Airo, a softening drying and washing process that gives the “Airo hand”, synonymous with modern soft and voluminous appearance with great draping and elasticity. This type of finishing is obtainable in Airo both with the aid of chemical products and in a mechanical manner and it allows obtaining an infinite number of results on fabrics for applications in clothing, furnishings and decoration, on many types of knitwear, up to non-woven fabrics and synthetic leathers. It is possible to perfectly treat both natural fibers (cotton, linen, silk, jute, wool and blends) and artificial fibers (viscose, cupro, polinosic, polyamide, Tencel, Modal) as well as synthetic ones (PES, nylon, acrylic, PP, PU, ​​PVC), including their countless blends.

The Biancalani family: [from left] Massimo, Fiorenzo, Rossana and Rossano Biancalani
Its continuous open-width variant, called Airo 24, is already very well known and widespread in all textile finishes. In its latest version it will be exhibited at ITMA 2019 and, with its technical innovations, it will offer ideas for reasoning and great interest both to those who already use a continuous tumbler and to those looking for a completely reliable solution at the cutting-edge of technology.

The latest innovations of Airo 24 – machine already widespread in countries such as Turkey, India, China and many others – will not fail to arouse the finishers’ interest. This machine offers the user an unmistakable high quality softening and drying treatment on sponge, shuttle fabrics, knits, synthetic leathers and many others, in a continuous and open-width process.

A continuous relax dryer for the knits

Biancalani will also present a new version of Brio 24, fully updated, at ITMA 2019. This product is born from Brio, a discontinuous relax dryer which – exploiting the combined result of an intense mechanical shaking contemporary with drying – guarantees a perfect relaxation, a permanent dimensional stability for each type of knitted fabric and a substantial reduction in spirality. The drying continuous relaxation Brio 24 has been conceived to ensure production of very large quantities of knitted articles, in multiple compositions, both in open and in tubular. All this, always guaranteeing an excellent hand, softness and volume.

A real finishing helper

Airbox is a extremely versatile pre-dryer: it allows the user to expand the drying performance of traditional finishing lines. With a machine that is simple and intuitive to operate, production capacities are greatly enhanced. In Barcelona it will be positioned in line with the continuous Airo 24 tumbler, but it can be used in the drying department in front of many other machines improving their performance, or as a complete and compact drying system, independent or integrated into a line.

A revolutionary washing method

Aquaria, an innovative continuous and open-width washing machine based on the Airo principle and the Airo 24 experience, is used with great performances for all types of wet treatment, from preparation to washing after printing, with special attention to treatments with enzymes, applicable to every type of fabric.

Brio 24, the continuous relax dryer for knit, will be presented at ITMA 2019 in a new updated version

The action of air velocity, which transports the open fabric and promotes water penetration through it, makes the process extremely efficient both from the mechanical and chemical point of view: it reduces the time required for the action of products such as detergents and enzymes, or for simple rinsing, thus allowing to reach high levels of productivity with optimal bath ratios.

Brio is a discontinuous relax dryer which guarantees a perfect relaxation, a permanent dimensional stability for each type of knitted fabric and a substantial reduction in spirality

In Aquaria both fabrics composed of natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk and wool, as well as artificial ones such as viscose, cupro, polyamide, tencel, and also synthetic ones including all blends, are treated with excellent results up to some types of knitted fabric.

Worldwide service guarantee

The remarkable reliability of the machines, as all Biancalani customers testify, is joined by the quality of the service offered, which goes from direct support also through online connections with the operating system of the machines, to the local presence of specialized technicians. For the sale, the Prato company relies on a dense network of agencies, located in most of the textile world, many of which are able to offer a complete after-sales service, coordinating where necessary with the head office.

Airo 24 is a device already widespread in countries like Turkey, India, China and many others

«We are organized rather well» Biancalani reports, «especially in important textile areas such as India, China and Turkey, and even in the USA. In these countries we have a technical assistance service that is able to support the customer for every kind of need, from simple advice to possible breakdown or machine downtime. Each of these support points, organized with a local agent equipped with a certain number of people dedicated to the service, is at the complete disposal of the customer: from the assembly and start-up of the machine, up to the operators’ instruction and the technological assistance that even local staff is able to offer.

Furthermore, Biancalani’s internal technological service is always available to the customer, wherever its factory is located, to start new productions, study new treatments and new finishing solutions. This is the point that our customers are most interested about: the great technological experience of our specialists and the knowledge of a great number of processing cases, that we make available to those who use our machines».

Where to find Biancalani at ITMA 2019: Hall 1, Stand A208