Comatex: when the customized excellence shines


The Italian company Comatex is showing at ITMA its entire range with two important news: ISR tensionless rolling inspection machine and CX 240 EVO tubular sewing machine

Comatex Textile Machinery, Italian company founded in 1998 but with a history of success since 1981 in the production of finishing machines, presents itself at ITMA with a full and updated showcase that highlights the excellence of its products for the textile industry.

It manufactures:

  • machineries for fabric preparation (for the fabric doubling and stitching in tubular form; for the seaming and joinning together of the fabric rolls; for tubular slitting, doubling and un-doubling; roll or big batch winder and unwinder; plaiting machines and winders for dyeing beam);
  • inspection and packaging machines (for the fabric’s quality check; systems for the winding of the fabric tensionless; precision plaiting machines; fabric quality management software and hardware for the labelling of the rolls and the defect position; automatic packing machine with conveyor lines for rolls and plaited fabric);
  • winding and unwinding machines for all the knit, woven and non-woven fabrics (edge trimming and fabric multi slitting; entry and exit for stenter and printing machinery; fabric accumulaton and tension systems; supply rollers, edge alignment units and spreading rollers).

Goal: making the difference

Comatex’s stated mission is to design and market textile machines that meet and exceed customer expectations, providing products that “make the difference” and therefore create value for their partners. The tools through which the company located in Ghisalba (in the Bergamo province) manages to achieve these goals are the passion and skill of its employees, the experience gained and the continuous investments in research and development to maximize quality.

All production processes take place internally, from design to construction and assembly. An important step is testing the machine with the fabric, which allows to carry out the necessary calibrations and measures to be able to guarantee maximum quality of the product at all stages of production.

Thanks to its marked ability in developing custom machines, Comatex can offer a wide range of machinery that can be integrated into the most diversified technological processing cycles. In particular, ITMA will be the stage where to present two important innovations: the tensionless rolling inspection machine called ISR and the automatic CX 240 EVO tubular sewing machine.

ISR, tensionless rolling inspection machine

The ISR is equipped with an unrolling cylinder and tension control, which is independent of the diameter of the entry roll and its speed. The fabric is gently placed on the driven belt in little fold allowing them to relax and, especially for elastic fabrics, to recover their elasticity. An additional inclined driven belt® (exclusive Comatex patent) takes the fabric, without modifying the acquired stability, to the top of the inspection lighted table, where it’s possible to check it and to place marks according to the different types of defects (if any) detected. Before the completion of the rolling phase, a special software combined with electronic tension sensor, developed by Comatex, permits to maintain the relaxation result. The automatic cutting and weighing systems can be easily linked to any different management system.

Comatex offers machinery that can be integrated into diversified technological processing cycles

Among the technical specifications of ISR there is the fabric’s tension controlled with an inverter; the mechanical speed control up to 60 m/min; the compaction control with electromagnetic clutch; the automatic incremental alignment of the selvedges; the electronic/digital meter counter; spreading rollers for fabric selvedges opening; a fabric defect marker with 3D mapping PC-Software; high-contrast lights for defect control; the electronic machine’s synchronization without mechanical synchronism and a weigher.

CX 240 EVO, automatic tubular sewing machine

Regarding the doubling sewing machine CX 240 EVO patented, it is the result of an experience of job, observation and a series of demands required by the market that has brought to completely re-project the product.

Success has been immediate, and it is reinstated to distance of years by the before. In this time course, it has also had different improvements maintaining the standard of exchanges of the various mechanical and electronic components, besides a selvedge conceived and patented by Comatex, which guarantees the alignment from the point of union. Machine management is through a PLC interfaced to the control panel touch screen that allows optimising in a natural way the parameter of the job, having besides a series of programs to recall on different typologies of fabric. It can work with fabrics made of mixed lycra over 20%, mixed viscous, elastomer and different typologies of wool.

Length stitch can range from 5 to 15 mm an is adjustable during the work; the job speed is manageable as well, from a minimum of 6 m to a maximum of 46 m referring to the stitch length. It is possible to regulate also the fabric tension during the work, characteristic that allows getting an elastic seam avoiding breakdowns thread during the gateway of dye.
The CX 240 EVO has moreover an integrated system of auto centring open fabric (patented) subsequently doubled, with inspection of the selvedge and constant correction of the same, guaranteeing the perfect alignment, and a seam presence surety sensor, with overall and stop machine, with or without operator, patented by Comatex as well.

The machinery is completed by: an utterly motorised drawing system to avoid harmful skids for the seam; the seam auto entering to vary some height plotted; the seam and the perforates gateway readers with machine stop. The motion transmissions parts are inaccessible and all the parts to contact the fabric are made of Inox steel with special profiles and finished up by hand.

Dove trovare Comatex a ITMA 2019: Hall 1, Booth C230