IMA: for an increasingly efficient Cutting Room

Overview of a manufacturing section at IMA, Palazzolo sull’Oglio (Brescia area)

For over forty years, since 1977, IMA, based in Palazzolo sull’Oglio (Brescia Province), supports leading brands of the Italian and international Apparel and Fashion Industry. Its innovative solutions for the cutting room meet the requirements of Industry 4.0: those shown in Barcelona are a good example

Mirella Sardini leads IMA, Palazzolo sull’Oglio (Brescia area) together with her father Luciano

IMA, a company based in Palazzolo sull’Oglio, in the Brescia area, is among the word leaders of cutting room solutions and a partner who can offer a dedicated consultancy service to select the most suitable solution. With over forty years’ experience in the Apparel manufacturing Industry, IMA has been always committed to high quality and technology standards to meet all requirements of Industry 4.0. Their target is a more and more efficient manufacturing process.


2008-2018: The turning point

As pointed out by Mirella Sardini, today leading the company with her father Luciano, IMA mainly grew during the last twelve years:  the change of the company’s structure, investments in R&D made them renew the machine inventory. A new, young team of engineers gave all IMA products a high-tech content.

«Our company is well known for having first introduced a digital technology to spreaders, and not only that » Mirella Sardini states. «A record that placed us on top of an offer of 4.0 cutting-edge solutions for the cutting room».

Vortex automatic cutter, type Typhoon. New items on show: a new cutting head with 6000 rev/min blade speed, counter rotating masses to reduce vibrations, balde bending sensors for a high quality cut, proportional valves to control air-operated cylinders

2017: 40 years’ celebration

After over ten years’ continuous growth, each year doubling the turnover and willing to innovate time and again, in order to meet the requirements of a more and more demanding market, in 2017, while celebrating their first forty years in business, IMA officially opened their new plant, twice as large as the existing plant at that time, entirely new to meet the growing demand of the market with an optimized manufacturing process.

For a more and more verticalised customer

After Texprocess, IMA shows their most advanced technological solutions at ITMA Barcelona as well. In its booth you can try out for yourself a brand new solution for mass production in the cutting room.

The new IMA Mithos 892 spreader

While paying great attention to the market, considering a more and more verticalized clientele interested in the full process, IMA focused on the development of a range for mass production. Like that of groups with several plants and based in different regions, usually working for brands like H&M, ZARA, OVS and similar ones, that mostly need bigger quantities. Such a customer looks for a very productive technique. To meet this demand IMA introduced a new generation range of spreading systems, called Mithos 892, high-performance and quick, combined with a Vortex range automatic cutter, type Typhoon for 10 cm layers. A digital technology controls these new generation machines, obtaining an integration into the IMA Syncro Cutting Room system.

Spreading: roll loading and unloading through pneumatic pistons

The new IMA Mithos 892 spreader is equipped with four driving wheels that offer a quicker acceleration, speed and precise positioning.  The new PC user interface on board the unit enables an easy management of reports and a link to business management systems. The new tension-free spreading concept ensures the best spreading quality obtainable. The turret is equipped with a double belt, while air-operated pistons manage the loading and unloading of rolls (new to the market). Roll loading and unloading times get shorter.

New features of typhoon cutting system

Main new features of Typhoon are a new cutting head with up to 6000 rev/min speed of the blade, counter-rotating masses to reduce vibrations, blade-bending sensors for a high-quality cut, proportional valves to control air-operated cylinders. An electric axle controls the bridge with two self-adjusting parallel-connected engines ensuring a higher precision.

IMA: for over forty years a specialist of solutions for the cutting room in the fashion industry. It offers high quality and technology standards that meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Entirely new basic structure with highly resistant components and a new, double turbine suction for high performance. Each single turbine is controlled by a dedicated inverter, with PID numerical control management. New electronics, higher performance, and an entirely digital unit ensure a higher calculation power and a quick response of the hardware. Innovation of the operator-machine interface too: applications have been graphically re-designed and are more comfortable and user-friendly. A control monitor on the bridge makes routine operations easier and quicker.

Where to find IMA at ITMA 2019: Hall 3, Booth E204