Macpi: innovations that look to the future

Macpi has been specialising in the production and especially in the development of new high-tech machinery for the fashion industry for almost sixty years

Among the proposals by Macpi on show in Barcelona, there is also an innovative machine that ranges in the footwear sector – or better, in that “hybrid” context today linked to the spread of knitted shoes/socks, more and more trending

Macpi, a manufacturer of high-tech machinery for the clothing industry, has been active worldwide for almost sixty years. Its headquarters, located in Palazzolo sull’Oglio (Brescia province), deal with the production and above all the development of new machinery for the Fashion Industry.

Recently, following the launch of the stitch-free technology and the development of dedicated projects, always in the field of heat-sealing, Macpi has decided to complete new machinery linked to the world of Footwear, on show at ITMA along with other innovative proposals.

Unit to preform and adhesive in shape

Thanks to the skills developed over many years of activity, Macpi was able to create an innovative unit that can pre-form and shape the shoes with knitted uppers, which are increasingly trending.

The 398 model is equipped with three vertical descent rotary heads: the first performs the function of loading the shoe, the second of heating and the third of cooling. With this process, it is possible to obtain a finished shoe ready to be attached to the upper. The machine is equipped with a touch-screen to be able to program each function based on the result to be obtained and the chosen materials. Inside the heating oven, the shoe rotates during the cycle, to allow a homogeneous and uniform temperature in every point, including toe and heel; the use of steam also guarantees a soft and consistent result at the same time.

«The requests and collaborations already underway are bringing a lot of interest in this process – explains Enrico Cartabbia, at the head of Macpi together with his sister Eleonora – above all considering the continuous evolution of the sector, where more and more sporting shoes are conquering the market. We wanted to be at the forefront, making use of important partners in the footwear world».

The importance of a technical comparison

The new 398 machine will be exhibited during ITMA Barcelona; it will undoubtedly be a capital opportunity to see it in action and carry out tests, discuss technical developments and explore the crucial aspects.

«This new model is already successfully installed in Italy» illustrates Enrico Cartabbia. «The prototype rooms that collaborate with the most famous brands have developed a series of revolutionary samples: the results are excellent in terms of comfort and elasticity, the softness to the touch is very high and – above all – the variables are endless. Thanks to the construction with circular machines, in fact, it is possible to combine colours and weaves to obtain shoes with the most varied patterns. During the event, visitors will have the possibility to test live this new technology live and finished samples will be shown as well. We will also offer the opportunity for a technical discussion with the staff, who will be able to illustrate most of every detail and the different processing methods based on the result to be obtained. At the moment there are different possibilities of use, and this depends on the yarn, on the quantity of thermal fuse yarn inserted and on the different areas of the shoe, which may be more or less rigid».

On display also ultrasound and taping machine

Together with the 398 unit, Macpi will also present the ultrasound machine that allows joining the fabrics and leaving a result without thicknesses, very comfortable on the sole. This technology makes it possible not to use the classic seam to make the joint; in this way, you get a better quality of the shoe and you can still maintain high productivity.

The new model of taping machine will also be presented, rethought and redesigned to make it even more performant and, above all, comfortable and ergonomic for the processing phases. The change in the inclination of the arm allows a perfect view, thanks to which the operator has the opportunity to perform the taping in the best possible position. From a more technical point of view, upgrades have been made in components and electronic and software parts.

The Palazzolo Showroom is always open

The 398 model by Macpi, however, is always visible inside the company’s showroom at the Palazzolo headquarters, in the department adjacent to that of stitch-free technologies. «This offers a perfect opportunity to combine a company visit and the creation of samples – affirms Enrico Cartabbia – being able to dwell on every aspect with maximum tranquility. One of our peculiarities is, in fact, the attention to the project development in collaboration with the customer: this allows us to analyse every detail relating to the construction of the garment and optimise the processes, finding the correct configuration for each machine, the most consistent options and any necessary changes. A kind of “made to measure” in terms of mechanics, where customisation for the customer becomes a central element».

Where to find Macpi at ITMA 2019: Hall 3, Booth D236