Battistella B.G. S.r.l., with more than 40 years of experience, is today an important reality in the ironing and pressing sector. The main feature of products by Battistella is the Made in Italy: every machine is exclusively assembled with Italian components. Furthermore, the company constantly works on the innovation of its products in order to compete in a sector where the “sustainable” and “energy-saving” factors are of main importance.

Research is of the utmost importance for Battistella, as it allows to meet the requirements and demands of the clients without neglecting the quality and efficiency of each product. Precisely for this reason, Battistella continuously offers products that guarantee maximum yieldA special feature of Battistella products is that all the materials are of extremely high quality. For example, all the boilers are made of stainless steel which ensures durability as well as long lasting performances.

Stella and Luna Plus by Battistella

Amongst the company’s wide range of semi-professional steam generators, two are automatic: Stella and Luna Plus.

Both are equipped with water tank and pump so that the boiler is refilled with water when necessary. It means that there is no need to wait for the boiler pressure to drop to be able to refill it with water. 

Another feature that distinguishes these steam generators is that they have different dimensions, allowing them to adapt perfectly to any type of ironing table.