With more than over 35 years of experience on designing and producing machines for fabrics spreading and cutting machines, Caron Technology continues the journey of consolidation, focusing on key concepts such as investments, personalization and digitalization, offering the customers a new way to know its products.

The virtual showroom, the new project presented by Caron Technology, allows the customers to enter in the Caron world and move freely in the digital environment by clicking and opening on contents of interest, from the company presentation to an overview of the products divided into three areas: Apparel, Furniture, Technical Textiles.

The customers only need a link that allows them to connect with the platform; through a password it is possible to download the video and product data sheets. Also, Caron’s Sales Department can make a different presentation of the company, guiding the customer remotely through the virtual showroom following the customers’ needs.

This new solution is in line with the historical moment we’re living, big steps in a digital direction which allow to expand the direct relationship with the customer companies. The project will be continuously developed and integrated into the contents.