MAXIMA by I.M.A. is a complete suite of modelling programmes. Thanks to the graphic interface and the functions built on the model of the most popular design programs (e.g. Autocad), it guarantees a very intuitive use with extremely short learning times for the new operator.

The graphic interface is customisable, as are the Shortcuts that allow a model to be created from scratch in just a few seconds. In addition, the importers of proprietary files from some of the most common CAD systems make the MAXIMA system decidedly compatible and versatile. Another aspect that makes Maxima unique is the sophisticated automatic nesting algorithm that guarantees very precise efficiency rates with matchining times under a minute.

Finally, MTM is the program that allows the automation of made-to-measure garments. Made-to-measure tailoring consists of several complex processing steps. Today, it is possible to collect in a database all the personal information, measurements, patterns and orders of countless customers, integrate this information with PLM or ERP and automate the production of the garment, from design to positioning and cutting.

All this is possible with a single program thanks to MAXIMA, which interfaces with our automatic cutters creating a perfectly optimised workflow.