Assyst‘s portfolio of digital solutions makes it possible to evolve product development processes towards achieving sustainability and profit goals.

There is a growing consumer focus on more sustainable products, which requires the Fashion Industry to pay increasing attention to environmental impact and natural resource use. In order to quickly adapt to sustainability best practices, process technology solutions that enable the redesign of product development workflows, starting from the product design idea, are of great importance.

3D and Assyst

3D is the key technology for successful digitization, and it manifests itself in a portfolio of solutions from the inception of the creative product idea, through design and development, to sales solutions.

In design, 3D sketches made with Vidya Skech provide a quick visual basis for decision making and subsequent steps. This makes for very fast and flexible processes, improving collaboration and reducing material waste.

In product development – a highly technical phase – 3D Vidya samples replace physical samples and are also used for fit study and optimization. Optimizing fit through 3D helps reduce errors in production, avoid waste and reduce returns.

The search for sustainability through integrated process digitization solutions is therefore accompanied by cost reduction and the protection of profit margins. But it also allows you to associate the value of sustainability with your brand, a value that is particularly recognized and increasingly sought after by consumers.