Digitalisation in the Fashion Industry is increasingly topical and the level of solutions proposed is growing. 3D can be integrated into the apparel creation process from the very beginning, up to development and distribution to reduce time and costs.

The output quality of 3D simulations is now so extreme and realistic that it becomes difficult to understand if it’s real or virtual. This high-end quality helps the integration of 3D simulation into virtual catalogs, e-commerce website and every communication tool.

Assyst has invested heavily in everything needed to produce and manage consistent and complete 3D digital content. The basis is the 3D garment simulation realized with 3D Vidya, able to meet the technical needs of product development and garment fit control.

A fundamental element for the quality of the 3D result is obviously the choice of the virtual human body. On the technical side, body measurements, shapes and postures are crucial for the fitting optimization: all these needs can be answered by iSize avatars or directly from 3D model scans realized by 3D body scanner solutions.

Elements that ensure the high quality of 3D simulations

Considering communication needs, the avatar must have emotional characteristics and strong verisimilitude also in details and poses. The avatars of the German company SOOI, with which Assyst has stipulated a technical partnership, respond to this need, reproducing the human being with great realism.

The high level of simulation also derives from the fidelity in the reproduction of materials technical characteristics, textures and color palettes. To ensure the best result, Assyst collaborates with Vizoo, which proposes a scanner for fabrics that is able to reproduce a texture high quality map.

It is fundamental to be able to elaborate digital photo shoots, defining lights, scenes and poses, obtainable with the 3D simulation in Vidya Assyst with Digital Photo Studio. The result meets the most advanced needs of the Fashion industries, with sophisticated 3D realism details, quality of material simulation and digital photography for a complete story telling lookbook creation.