Modern consumers are now trendsetters, and not trend followers. They are defining the customer value propositions of products and services for Fashion companies. It’s time to fuel the supply chain with precise consumer data to develop powerful products for them at the right time and sell them effectively through the right channels. Companies must transition from the traditional “push” supply chain to a demand-driven one.

The on-demand model, by bringing businesses closer to the consumer, is the way to do so.

Fashion On Demand by Lectra comprises Lectra’s Digital Cutting Platform and a single-ply fabric cutting solution Virga. It’s a turnkey solution that automates on-demand production right from order reception to cut piece. This offer gives Fashion companies a 360°-view of the entire on-demand process from small series to one-off production runs. Production processes are faster, more agile and efficient in handling everything from small series, last-minute orders, to custom and made-to-measure garments.

Lectra Digital Cutting Platform is a cloud-based data hub that connects your IT system and the cutting room, ensuring efficient planning, cutting and optimization processes. On the Platform, you will find data (on products, materials and orders), connectors (to ERP systems) and business applications.

Smart and connected to the Lectra Digital Cutting Platform, Virga® is a high-performance cutting line designed for data-sharing and maximum throughput from loading to offloading with minimal manual interventions.