Since the 1950s, Pony has committed its resources to offer a very wide range of finishing machinery, adaptable to every need of the Textile Industry: in particular ironing tables, ranging from simple vacuum to models with vacuum and blowing functions. The ironing board can be up-steaming for those with special needs, thanks to a coaxial electric resistance that keeps the board warm even during steaming.

All Pony finishing tables are designed for the application of numerous accessories, such as:

  • height adjustment;
  • multiple options of buck shapes and sizes;
  • cold or heated ironing board;
  • silicones paddings and cloths of different compositions for every need;
  • electronically controlled iron;
  • swinging arms in combination with numerous heated and unheated shape models;
  • built-in boiler;
  • right-hand ironing;
  • steam and steam/air spotting gun;
  • water spray gun;
  • pivoting iron rest;
  • overhead lighting group with trolley and suspension for iron.

All these accessories allow customization of the workplace and make it as much functional as possible, lowering operator’s fatigue and improving productivity.

In addition to ironing tables, Pony offers a wide range of products such as:

  • electric steam generators from 4 to 66 kW;
  • tensioning form finishers for Outerwear and universal form finishers with a wide choice of dummies and special shapes;
  • pneumatic tensioning toppers suitable for jeans and classic trousers, with size adjusters for the waistband area and legs and with the possibility of blowing regulation;
  • ironing presses, such as the new DLP (Double Legger Press) for the simultaneous finishing of trousers’ four pleats;
  • shirt finishers with “H.A.R.S” system for heat recovery and energy saving.

The company recently added a line of products for ozone and steam sanitization to the traditional Pony range.

The entire Pony range is available at the Inzago showroom, also for practical ironing tests in total safety.