Megaflex is the Manifattura Italiana Cucirini sewing thread with fiber cut in Tencel™ Lyocell, biodegradable and obtained from sustainable raw material and production.

Lyocell is a fiber obtained from wood pulp, from controlled eucalyptus forests, dissolved in a non-toxic organic solvent, recovered and reused in a continuous cycle process, thus minimizing the environmental impact.

The paste, obtained by immersion in the solution, is extruded to produce a yarn with a hand and dyeability similar to cotton, but characterized by greater elasticity and higher strength; it is soft to the touch and delicate on the skin, with a shiny appearance while maintaining the opacity of vegetable fibers, and it is highly breathable and hygroscopic.

Megaflex is dyed in environmentally friendly solid dyes according to Oeko-Tex 100, Class I, the most stringent regulation of chemicals, also suitable for the manufacture of clothing for infants.

MIC offers this yarn in 6 different labels, 18 (Ne 12/3), 25 (Ne 15/3), 30 (Ne 20/3), 50 (Ne 29/3), 75 (Ne 30/2), 120 (Ne 45/2), available in stock service in the colors of the dedicated selection, and reproducible in the 450 shades of the general MIC color card.

The natural origin, the biodegradability of the fiber and the low environmental impact of production, make the Megaflex yarn optimal for the manufacture of biodegradable jeans, ready to dye responsible, natural linen and sustainable clothing increasingly demanded by the market.