Customer satisfaction is what ETV mostly cares about. The company offers the know-how that it has developed over a period of more than 50 years, to engineer and implement innovating high technology devices.
The slogan from ITMA 2019, “Innovating the World of Textiles, From mass production to mass personalisation, perfectly describes what the comany does.

Thanks to ETV’s experience in contact to the worlwide manufacturing reality in the field of the textile machinery, the company supplies devices and instruments able to monitor the production and to obtain real benefits, helping effectively the enterpreneur to reach the target to make a superior quality product in a cost-efficient way.

ETV’s strong points

ETV guarantees constant quality, energy saving, waste products reduction, abolition of the reproduction process, collection and management of the production data, versatility and optimisation of the production flows.

An example is ETV’s single control of the residual moisture, Hygromatic-HMI, in its renewed version with complete restyling of its case, and with a 7” display with touchscreen. Thanks to the updated and modern software, it will be connectable to the network, remote manageable, and, being able to report online the recorded data, it can take its rightful place of the Industry 4.0 equipment.