There are several new trends arising that make good use of advanced technologies which help to create fabrics out of natural fibres with amazing prints, like shaded and multicolour prints with sprayed effects on fabrics with alternating irregularities and different weights.

While irregularities in texture and weight of woollen fabrics can cause difficulties during the textile finishing process, Biancalani Textile Machinery has invented two machines in Tuscany which tackle this problem.

One, called IDRA, is a combined modular washing and milling machine. This textile finishing machine with independent channels is designed to independently wash and mill woollen fabrics of different compositions. In the different IDRA channels it is possible to load fabrics of varying composition, length and weight because the parameters used in each individual channel do not influence those of the others. The greatest innovation is that each channel is completely independent, so each will complete its pre-programmed cycle automatically, while the others will continue to operate until their own milling cycle reaches its conclusion, allowing the milling of different woollen fabrics independently.

The other machinery is MILLA, a combined washing and milling machine; both machineries are patented by Biancalani.