MBR machines have been developed after one of the Cubotex patents presented at ITMA 2015.

At that time, the patented machine was the model UNIMAT, capable to dye hanks in cabinet and spray dyeing configuration both with the same machine. After this innovation, the MBR development begun and the latest version has been developed in 2021, with the aim to design a machine with a unique circulation system.

Thanks to a CFD software-based study, it has been realized a system with a perfect circulation through all the arms.

The improvements have been introduced modifying hole diameters on the arms and with localized head losses for better uniformity of the flow in the whole manifold. All rotating arms have independent gear motors, and the new washing system ensures time and utility savings.

The MBR machine is available in more than 45 different models, combining arms number and lenght (250 to 1200 mm) to cover any capacity requirement. All machines are pressurized to reach a maximum working temperature of 106°C.

Pump flow is inverter controlled and directly measured with high precision magnetic instrument.

MBR is the only machine on the market having 2 circulation pumps on the models from 8 arms onwards. All machines are available with extractable arms supported on wheels or with loading/unloading trolley.

Finally, it is important to mention that all machines are now equipped with the new software Made in Cubotex and completely updated in 2021. The new system allows a precise control and report of all utility consumptions at the end of every dyeing cycle.