ISKO™, denim ingredient brand, combines its Responsible Innovation™ approach (founded on creativity, competence and citizenship) and pioneering technologies to meet the market’s needs and present its 2023 Collection Vol. 1.

The whole line is “engineered for nature” using ISKO’s recently launched R-TWO™50+ technology, a process which creates high-quality denim that is less harmful to the natural world: the driving force behind ISKO’s efforts to reduce the Industry’s impact on the planet.

2023 Collection Vol. 1 by ISKO

The fabrics are made with a minimum of 50% pre- and post-consumer recycled blend that is entirely Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified. This results in less use of natural resources and a reduced carbon and water footprint of up to 45% and 65% respectively.

ISKO has also incorporated hemp into the collection as a sustainably viable alternative to cotton. Hemp requires much less water, no pesticides and grows quickly in almost any type of soil. New spinning techniques give the fiber a softer hand feel and make hemp a genuinely enticing alternative option to cotton.

2023 Collection Vol. 1 comprises some of ISKO’s most innovative concepts – including ISKO Blue Skin™, Jeggings™, ISKO™ Rigid, ISKO Rigidflex™, ISKO EFD™, Summer Colors, Catwalk, ISKO Reform™, ISKO™ Black, ISKO™ Comfort, ISKO Pop™ – and five macro trends (Denim Nation, New Origin, ISKO Reborn, ISKO Motion, Chill Zone). These trends incorporate some of ISKO’s key denim technologies to create a versatile collection that complements any style, vibe and mood.