Fadis is a historic company, present in 70 countries around the world, which has recently celebrated 59 years of activity.

The core business is precision winders for the processing of all types of yarn, on an open platform; they have a common basic structure, but it is possible to add accessories for maximum customisation.

Fadis’ strong points

The secret to Fadis’ success is the ability to intercept in advance the needs of national and international customers, to transform them into performing machines, to invest continuously in development and research and a strictly Italian production, thus ensuring total quality, which includes accurate checks and tests.

Fadis has worked on new forms of internal organization integrated with greater digitization, to seize the opportunities and advantages offered by Industry 4.0. The great optimization that Fadis has introduced in its plants has brought greater flexibility in responding to the needs of all its customers.

ITMA 2019

Fadis will be presenting at Itma a new line of machines with electronic yarn guide with precision crossing angle and electronic online yarn tension control system and online density control technology, double side combining high performance with the reduction of space; a completely renewed air covering line and two new machines that will be presented for the first time in Barcelona.

Fadis will also present the communication software (FID) that allows to interconnect the customer’s computer systems to the machines to directly send production data and receive back the productions made.