Fabrics developments have shifted the classic role of roll packing machines into machines for roll with tensionless, ready to cut without stabilization times.

ISR Comatex Textile Machinery S.r.l. machine responds in the best way and with continuous updates: it has fabric’s relax system and the fabric is always accompanied in every point thanks to the exclusive patented system Comatex Textile Machinery Srl.

The software combined with the tension sensors developed by Comatex Textile Machinery Srl, properly adjusted, guarantees rolling without residual tensions. The machine can be integrated into packing and conveying automatic lines.

Technical details

Technical specifications:

  • Fabric’s tension controlled with inverter;
  • Mechanical speed control up to 60 Mt / min;
  • Compaction control with electromagnetic clutch;
  • Automatic incremental alignment of the selvedges;
  • Electronic / digital meter counter;
  • Spreading rollers for fabric selvedges opening;
  • Fabric defect marker with 3D mapping PC-Software;
  • High-contrast lights for defect control;
  • Electronic machine’s synchronization without mechanical synchronism;
  • Weigher;
  • Fabric Entry Options: Unwinder for big rolls driven by electronical sensors; Possibility of tangential unwinder; Frame for folded fabrics’s entry; Non-stop Jbox.