The SWF DUAL 3 + 3 embroidery machine model represents the technological innovation in the embroidery world.

A singular model in the world equipped with DUAL patent that allows users to have 2 machines in 1 only. This multi-head machine is able to embroider two different designs at the same time offering more versatility, more speed and more productivity to final works.

Technical details

Thanks to standard configuration 400×450 mm work area, it is possible to realize any type of embroidery at a maximum stitch speed of 1,000 rpm.

The user has a new generation of embroidery machine with updates of electronic and mechanical devices: new LCD Touch Screen Monitor, internal memory expanded until 4 million points, self-lubrication system gear and reduced consumption energy to 1.5 kW.

Thanks to this revolutionary embroidery machine, the user has the opportunity to choose between working two different jobs at the same time or carrying out simple samples only on a single part of the machine.

SWF DUAL 3 + 3 embroidery machine pivot point model is its flexibility of use. It can be used for flat productions, packaged garments and any hat, bag, jacket clothing or accessory categories and much more.