The new automatic spreader Mask has been designed by Caron Technology to optimize and simplify every single aspect of the spreading step. It’s equipped with EtherCAT technology: industrial protocol that meets automation requirements and guarantees communication between the machine parts in the order of nanoseconds.

Mask by Caron Technology: Industry 4.0 ready

Mask is Industry 4.0 ready, it’s equipped with a web application that analyzes the efficiency and productivity of the machine in real time, thus allowing to optimize operating times and company costs.

The interconnection takes place through the REST protocol with reading of standard files which guarantees full compatibility and adherence to the principles of the IoT.
The automatic Mask spreader uses the remote assistance and user-friendly software, so it enables the directly access to the machine controls with the possibility of diagnostics, monitoring and eventual software update also remotely.

Functional and aesthetical customizing

Another innovating aspect introduced by Caron Technology is the possibility to customize and modify the machine both in functional and aesthetic terms: the spreader is composed of interchangeable and easily applicable external panels, and customers can therefore choose different materials and colours thus adapting the design of the spreading machine to the image of their production.

Caron Technology’s thirty years of experience and know-how have allowed the company to develop a new solution that is totally customizable and capable of solving many of the problems in the cutting rooms.