Martin Group, important company in the fusing machines field, has recently upgraded its range with LAMINATOR 1600/3, complete laminating line for standard fusing and also 3 ply lamination with structure Fabric, Film, Fabric. This machine is composed byMartin Group’s fusing machine OPEN TOP 160 and new LAMINATOR 1600/3, that includes: 3 stations unwinding system, electronic edge control, electronic tension control and automatic cutting machine with meter counter on double Touch Screen control panel.

LAMINATOR 1600/3, the details

On exit side the company will show its electronic rewinder with edge control and tension control fully electronic; in order to fix the bonding, the exit belt of fusing machine will be equipped with a fan cooling system inside the belt.

With this new machine Martin Group wants to catch the attention of companies who need to make shrinking process on fabrics, clothing fusing, bonding of different synthetic fabrics with various films and web glues. The application field of this machine is huge: clothing, automotive, tannery, forniture, shoes, aeronautics and many others.

Martin Group completes its range with the best seller model MEPP XTP, with patented membrane pressure system, and the new fusing machine OLX1000N with cool feeding belt and electronic stacker with 2 lines. This is a compact fusing machine with a really low power consumption at 6 Kw/h.