Process digitalization can improve Fashion companies’ competition, but traditional PLM solutions are focused just on the product development process. In the current context of Fashion solutions are needed that cover the whole ecosystem, through concepts such as streamlining, collaboration and automation.

Tivoli, an Italian leather goods company, has decided to rely on Lectra for the integration of all business processes. Stefano Giacomelli – CEO of the Tivoli Group – underlined that thanks to Kubix Link the Group can have all the information about the products on the single platform, integrated with its ERP, and its collaborators can share files and technical specifications in real time.

Kubix Link by Lectra

Kubix Link by Lectra allows transforming collective data into information of immediate practical interest. The new solution – which incorporates PLM, PIM and DAM features – can integrate a wide range of new or legacy IT systems such as ERP, CRM and WMS, and process large quantities of data by consolidating all information and presenting it in an efficient, organized and understandable way.

Kubix Link, based on cloud technology, is consistent with the principles of Industry 4.0: it is connected, adaptable, powerful, but also simple and user-friendly. The platform is accessible on different devices from those who work along the supply chain, improving collaboration thanks to real-time communications.