A&E Gütermann‘s tradition in manufacturing high quality sewing threads for perfect seams is very long. All Gütermann Mara sewing threads are produced in a new and exclusive technology, the Micro Core Technology. The whole range is highly engineered and available in 700 standard colours and 12 different counts, from the finest Mara 220 to Mara 15-11-8 for any decorative seams on leather goods.

Gütermann also offers sewing solutions for elastic seams (Maraflex) as well as a recycled sewing thread range called Mara rPET, which is made of 100 % recycled polyester and used for environment-friendly production also in the leather industry. Furthermore Gütermann offers a complete range of high tenacity sewing threads made of 100% continuous filament polyester, Gütermann TERA, which is suitable for any application in the footwear industry.

Gütermann’s products in details

These products are available in several counts, from No. 5 to the finest No. 80 to meet all requirements. Excellent breaking strength and abrasion resistance, good sewability as well as the brightness of these threads allow their application in any segment.

The A&E Gütermann offer for the footwear industry is completed by the polyamide threads Amifil and Zwibond, for durable shoe seams, in particular in the sports sector. Fashion requires more and more shades – for this reason Gütermann created a new display which helps choosing the right colour match. All this is guaranteed by the very well known quality, in full respect of European regulations in terms of quality management, suppliers’ selection, environmental care and human health.