Air International, new air-handling solutions in the textile sector


Air International (Bergamo, Italy) is ready to face the new market challenges and achieve new goals in view of the next edition of ITMA Barcelona, during which the company will re-affirm its long-term experience in air-handling plant design, which translates into “turnkey” projects for new installations, modifications and revamping of existing plants and customized solutions for the treatment of environmental hygro-climatic conditions, technological air and industrial processes.

Air International will present its new air treatment products in the Textile sector, focusing considerable attention on eco-sustainable proposals with a very low environmental impact.

Innovation at ITMA

New filtration systems will be presented with very low space requirements, a very high efficiency class with minimal and controlled head losses.Regarding ventilation systems, Air International, thanks to consolidated partnerships in the aeraulic sector, has designed new wing profiles that will grant drastic reduction on electricity requirements over massive air flow rates, especially for large projects.
For medium/small air plant Air International has developed a compact evaporative cooling systems that, thanks to ease of installation and very low running costs, ensure expected results and optimize the return on investment (below one year).

Last but not least, the new humidification systems, designed to reach an unprecedented level of supersaturation in the sector and will finally allow the use of “dry” channels. All the grouped technologies will guarantee energy savings of 70% and reduce the consumption of water by 60% compared to the traditional systems available today on the market.