Il Punto S.R.L., an Apulia based company, supplies systems for the Textile industry, mainly for industrial embroidery. Mainly structured to provide an after sale technical service

Nuccia Di Pinto, partner in the company and international sales manager

Il Punto S.R.L.: a business name that works out for a company operating in the Textile industry, mainly in the industrial embroidery sector. Established 28 years ago, today the Bisceglie (BT province) based company offers machines that can meet any requirements and needs of their customers providing a full range consulting and technical service. The range covers embroidery machines to laser plotters, from digital printers to machines for studs or beads.

The company mainly provides a full technical service with a special attention to a quick evolving market. They invest many resources in training and continuous updating of their staff. Their showroom offers most machine types on sale. Il Punto is also accredited to organize embroidery and customization training courses held by staff specialists. The customer base includes embroiderers, promoters, custom printers, silk-screen printers, carpenters, engravers, glass-makers, tailors. All of them refer to the “creative decorating” sector.

The company

The early development of the Textile industry in Southern Italy almost thirty years ago convinced Giuseppe Uva and Nuccia Di Pinto to start their business in cooperation with 2CM, at that time a well-known Milan based company, no longer in operation. «We have been working in the Textile industry since 1990» adds Nuccia Di Pinto, partner in the company and international sales manager. «Il Punto proved of being able to develop autonomously while achieving an excellent turnover. At the very start we were only two people; over time the company changed to include 10 employees, taking care of sales, administration and technical service. We have been growing continuously thanks to investments in cutting-edge machines and a skilled staff».

The business

Il Punto offers a wide range of products, like high-tech SWF embroidery machines, Golden laser systems and YongNam rhinestone fixing machines. They also sell number of different machines, such as pressing machines, machines for studs, beads as well as accessories for the textile industry, ranging from low price to high-end products.

As mentioned, a strength of the company lies in the technical service to the machines in their range. «We are very proud of our support – acknowledges Mr. Di Pinto – and we frequently hold basic or advanced courses offered to our customers interested in advanced solutions. We plan our support service to offer a response as quickly as possible preventing a set aside or late reaction. The service staff features the full range of spare parts; they are authorised to follow-up and contact our customers on a business calendar in order to check that the machines we sell are all perfectly operating. A key point of the company is the just in time delivery: best and top sellers are ready products; as soon as our customers have tested and approved a machine, they usually place the order on the spot. This way, they take the advantage of an excellent quality price ratio for industrial machinery and can count on a strong support, when needed ».

As part of a short term focus they are improving the sales network so as to be able to cover the whole domestic market, the fine-tune their after-sale service, the search for new products to offer state-of-the-art high technology apparel and improving local tax incentives.

Il Punto provide industrial machines with an excellent quality/price ratio as well as a strong technical support and service, should the need arise

Leading products

We asked Nuccia Di Pinto to give us some details of leading products the company offers. «Two products we are very proud of are Golden laser machines and SWF embroidery machines. As regards lasers, our (ad)venture started about 15 years ago. We were among the first Italian companies to believe in this kind of products; we actively dealt with the suppliers and suggested them some changes to exploit the technological development of their machines. Through a steady support, we are now positioned for continued success in sales and service to laser technology items; our position on the market was acknowledged in 2015 with the Golden Laser Award as Best Salespeople in Europe. Meanwhile, our range has grown in different fields including: laser plotters for the textile and footwear industry, galvanometric lasers to process wood, leather, Plexiglas, and Laser Vision New for printed tech textiles.

As far as SWF embroidery machines are concerned, we attend training courses on new machines and related technologies installed by the manufacturer. Our goal is to be a reliable reference on the domestic market; in fact, we are amongst the leaders in sales and technical support of SWF machines. Il Punto, which in 2018 was awarded the SWF Sales Award, can meet all demands from haute couture to promotional items».