More and more companies belonging to the Clothing Industry are making technology the winning card to conquer market shares.
If once the quality of the garments was sufficient to compete, now it is no longer so: a further step is needed. Many companies are choosing the path to Industry 4.0, with a shared goal: to improve performance, automate processes and offer impeccable service to the customer.

Macpi gives an answer to logistics in the Clothing Industry thanks to a machine completely redesigned in a 4.0 perspective: the Macpi 534 finishing tunnel for ironing and finishing the clothing. This technology makes it possible to automate the finishing of garments before they enter stores, with a production rate that in the Macpi model varies from 500 to 2.200 pieces per hour.

One of the biggest novelties of the Macpi 534 finishing tunnel is the ventilation chamber with radial system and proportional air flow over the whole garment, which limit the risk of falling from the hanger during the drying phase.
Another innovation is the vaporization chamber divided into 3 independent zones. A significant implementation that allows to vaporize only in 1 or 2 areas depending on the type of garments, avoiding damaging delicate clothing and with great results in terms of energy savings. The vaporization chamber is equipped with 2 inflatable inlet and outlet rollers to prevent heat dispersion.

Macpi 534 finishing tunnel, the advantages
Among the main advantages of the Macpi finishing tunnel:

  • uniform blowing;
  • homogeneous steam all over the garment;
  • steaming chamber with 3 independent zones, which can be activated individually according to the type of garments to be treated;
  • automatic signaling of clothes falling;
  • unloader compatible with the most common transport systems on the market;
  • easy access for maintenance.

From a technological point of view, worthy of notice are the integrated touch screen with customizable interface and the possibility to record up to 99 programs. The service can be customized on request with the addition of individual item tracking via barcode. For an even more customized experience, tailored to our customers.