Retviews, Lectra‘s evolutionary platform, provides a comprehensive overview of competitor products and pricing to support Retail decisions with real-time data.

With this state-of-the-art solution, Fashion companies can explore competitor’s assortment mixes in detail to identify opportunities and gaps in product categories; they can also find out how competitors apply discounts and analyze all promotional newsletters, to perfectly plan marketing and communication activities.

Retviews also gives the ability to analyze other brands’ pricing strategy so that Fashion companies can price their products in order to maximize margins. Not only that, but through this platform it is very easy to check the arrival of new products, sell out or new materials in order to find out when competitors launch the new collections.

The competitive benchmarking solution provided by Lectra allows Fashion companies to avoid unnecessary discounts so that they can sell the right product at the right price every time. It also allows immediate access to data, without wasting time analyzing the competition and promptly reacting to market changes, optimizing sales volumes. With Retviews all data is grouped in one place, accessible at any time and from any device.