Xiros, the controlled humidification air treatment prototype unit by Air International, allows obtaining a high humidification efficiency thanks to the water injection technology with venturi type air expansion absorption, combined with the continuous control of the thermo hygrometric conditions of the fluids driven by fans brushless with high efficiency and low noise, it allows to obtain a great result in a compact and reliable unit.
The air drawn in by the brushless axial fans is analyzed by the temperature and humidity probes and pushed into the venturi humification section where the quantity of water injected is automatically controlled according to the characteristics of the fluid.
Once treated, the fluid is analyzed to verify that the desired objectives have been achieved. The system with calibrated and engineered holes, comparable to a turbulent motion in all respects, conveniently exploits the lamination of a fluid vein which, at calculated speeds, creates depressions that activate the mixing of the air introduced with the air present in the environment on always short but continuous paths, returning a high efficiency of the system. The fluid vein that comes out at high speed takes on the characteristic of vein contracted due to the greater speed that is registered at the center of the nozzle with respect to the edges, and this causes a depression such as to recall the surrounding air and to mix it in the resulting jet.