Precious fabrics with sophisticated, elegant and contemporary colors: high-end furnishing fabrics are one of the main expressions of Made in Italy excellence in the world, as well as an important market share of the national Textile Industry.

Itema is known for its rapier looms in the weaving of superior quality fabrics thanks to its ability to guarantee a high level of flexibility and reduced operating costs. The exclusive geometry of the Itema shed and its patented rapiers can weave the widest range of yarns and patterns efficiently and easily, ensuring the production of top-quality fabrics. This is why the Itema R95002 loom is chosen by fabric weavers for furnishings and by companies that need to produce sophisticated and complex fabrics for fashion and shirts.

The Second Generation of the R95002 defines a new technological benchmark for speed, energy efficiency and an excellent user experience.
The R9500
2 is now available up to 24 heald frames, thus allowing further enhanced versatility. The SK weft transfer system with guided hooks or FPA-Free Positive Approach with no guiding elements in the shed perfectly meet all textile needs.