Martin Group, specialised in the fusing and laminating machines field, has recently developed automatic stacking units that all customers can apply on Martin Group fusing machines or other brand fusing machines, or on dryers in screen printing field.

Models SCY and SCY-T: this new stacking machines family product is fully electronic, allows to stack pieces from 3 to 150 cm lenght and to stack a parcel of fused goods from 0 to 35 cm.

Standard dimensions of these new stacker series by Martin Group are: 600, 1000, 1240, 1400, 1600, 1800, but the company also makes them on measure requirements, especially for screen printing dryers.

All the stackers are equipped with a 7” Touch Screen control panel from Panasonic, Industry 4.0 built in with dedicated software, piece counter for each stacking line, self-troubleshooting for diagnostic.

These new stacking systems help the productive cycle and avoid human staff use for such a simple action; Martin Group’s electronic stacking machines avoid pieces manipulation and consequently parts deformation, increasing quality output.