The MEB-3200C Series is the newest JUKI Eyelet Buttonholing Machine with digital functions. This machine is a thorough pursuit of functionality: easy operation, thanks to the new LCD control panel, reduces the time taken to set data and eliminates mistakes in sewing and machine operation.

A newly develop machine head efficiently sews longitude buttonholes and has higher flexibility. The productivity of the machine was increased through the automatized knife pressure control of the cloth-cutting. Together with the active tension needle and looper threads, it significantly reduces hours when skilled workers are in short supply.

Juki took care of reducing electricity consumption during standby and equipped the machine with a shield to protect the looper thread path against effects of wind. Also, the color-tunable LED light can be adjusted from daylight white to light bulb color, helping to improve workability.

Threading work, a cumbersome process with conventional eyelet buttonholing machines, is now made easier with an air gun to blow the thread.

Using conventional machines, it’s quite often difficult to reproduce the same sewing conditions; this machine does it with ease. The MEB-3200C responds immediately to material changes, significantly reducing the time required for setup changes or adjustments.