IMA Chronos 812 is a warehouse for handling and management of the cloth rolls. Like all IMA machineries, it meets the requirements of Industry 4.0 and is easily interfaceable with other external systems. It has been designed for handling any roll of fabric.

The maximum dimensions of the cloth rolls are diameter 250 mm, fabric width 1800 mm, roll weight 25 kg.

The dimensions of the robot can be customized according to the number of rolls and their size. The warehouse can therefore be configured in length and height and is basically conceived in 3 stations:

  • PRELOADING AND UNLOADING STATION: takes care of managing the cloth rolls entering the warehouse. The loading or unloading phase can be carried out manually or by creating a list of rolls using the barcode, where the control system will then move the rolls automatically.
  • MANAGEMENT WAREHOUSE: the actual warehouse, where the fabric rolls are allocated. The position of each roll can be chosen manually by the operator or automatically by the control system.
  • INTERFACING STATION WITH SPREADER OR UNROLLING MACHINE. The movement of the rolls towards the spreader can take place in two ways: “Manual mode” where it is possible to establish the sequence of rolls to be loaded directly from the panel, again manually or by barcode; “Automatic mode”: where the machine receives the sequence of rolls to be loaded on the spreader.

The strength of IMA Chronos 812 consists in making the next cloth roll immediately available before the operation of unloading of the previous piece is finished. In this way the downtime of processing is reduced, increasing the productivity of the spreading and cutting line.

Furthermore, Chronos 812 can manually manage the job queue (taking charge of a sequence of rolls to be processed) or acquire the job queue to be created using a Planning and Management software.