Itema: a calling to continuous innovation in weaving machines

iSAVER™, flagship of ItemaLab - the advanced R&D department of Itema. It completely eliminates the weft on the left side of the fabric, leading to tangible benefits in terms of costs and energy savings

Itema, the Italian multinational company specialized in cutting-edge weaving solutions, will be present at ITMA with three stands and eleven machines, plus others on display in partners’ stands. With the creation of Itematech, the Group establishes a new technological benchmark for weaving technical fabrics

Over two centuries of experience in advanced weaving solutions, presence in 100 countries, more than 300,000 looms operating worldwide. These three numbers are enough to give a clear picture of what Itema represents in the global Weaving Industry.
The Italian multinational company was born from the fusion of names that made the excellence of the world Textile Industry: Somet, Vamatex and Sulzer Textil. Based in Colzate (province of Bergamo), Itema is one of the leading providers of cutting-edge weaving solutions, including best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services. Itema supplies the top three weft insertion technologies – rapier, air and projectile – with a wide product portfolio and a relentless commitment to provide the market with breakthrough innovations and technological advancements for its machines. The Company also has two Research and Development Departments, one of which – ItemaLab – exclusively dedicated to innovate and to develop the “Loom of the Future”. Part of the Radici world, 60% of Itema is owned and controlled by brothers Angelo, Maurizio, Paolo, Maria Grazia and Bruna Radici, while the remaining part is controlled by the Arizzi and the Torri families.

A new division entirely dedicated to technical fabrics

The latest news about Itema world is the official launch of ItemaTech, the company division dedicated to technical textiles born from the agreement reached with PTMT (formerly Panter). The Gandino based company, founded in the Nineties, produces innovative machines for several applications, with particular success in the field of technical fabrics. Thanks to this partnership, Itema sets a new global benchmark for weaving technical fabrics, further expanding its technological offer. With the concentration of the the two Italian companies’ mutual know-how, along with commercial and business development activities, Itema will distinguish itself once again as a technological pioneer.

R95002denim, the latest model of Itema machines specifically designed to weave denim fabrics, featuring the first sustainable innovation in the Weaving Industry: iSAVER™

Three different booths to display all the Group’s latest innovations

The Italian multinational company will be at ITMA with three different stands and eleven machines, plus others in partners’ stands. Seven machines will be on stage at Itema’s booth (Hall 4 – C101) bringing never-before-seen novelties, including iSAVER™: the latest mechatronic innovation installed on the R95002denim is able to eliminate the warp and weft waste on the left side of the fabric and it aims to set a new benchmark in the field of sustainable weaving, guaranteeing a substantial cost saving for weavers. Developed by ItemaLab Advanced R&D Department, this device allows an average saving of 2000 Euros per year per machine, along with a relevant reduction of raw materials’ consumption, in details 1000 kg of cotton and 20 million liters of water less.

Two are the models of R95002 on display at ITMA; the second generation of the Itema rapier weaving machines, worldwide famous as the company’s best-seller, arrives at Barcelona in a further optimized version able to significantly reduce energy consumption. There are also many innovations for airjet field: the second generation of the Itema airjet machines, indeed, will make its debut at ITMA, with a machine model specifically developed for weaving bed sheeting, the A95002bed sheeting.
With a fully optimized pneumatic platform, the A95002 and the A95002bed sheeting ensure the highest operating speed, fabric quality and reduced energy consumption. In addition, both machines will be equipped with the new Skyframe heald frames, Itema’s proprietary technology. Developed in collaboration with Lamiflex, Skyframe heald frames feature exceptional lightness and strength allow while reaching the highest operating speed without any compromises in terms of reliability.

The R95002, the second generation of Itema absolute best-seller, at ITMA is going to be weaving a high-end shirting fabric

Furthermore, a surprise awaits visitors at Itema’s stand, with the purpose of demonstrating the company’s natural vocation to relentlessly innovate the Weaving Industry.

The other two stands

At Itematech stand (Hall 4 – A101) the main focus will be, instead, on technical textiles, with four looms to allow weavers to experience first-hand, and its broad offer of technical solutions for the weaving of these special fabrics.

The R95002 in Jacquard version that at ITMA will weave a fancy furnishing fabric, one of the excellence segments of Itema

Last but not least, Lamiflex – specialized producer of composite materials of which Itema acquired the majority shares in 2017 – will be also present at the exhibition (Hall 4 – C106) with its extensive catalogue of key components for rapier weaving machines, including best-in-class flexible tapes and sprocket wheels. Lamiflex’s know-how comes from over forty years of expertise in the composites materials field and makes the company able to provide weavers with top European quality products at competitive prices. Itema Group will welcome visitors at its three stands with a line-up of products designed to confirm the excellence of made in Italy and its vocation for innovation.
Itema provides his clients with cutting-edge weaving solutions, including best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services.

Where to find Itema at ITMA 2019: Hall 4 – A101 / Hall 4 – C101 / Hall 4 – C106