The Best Technical Solutions from the Italian Textile Machinery Industry


by Alessandro Zucchi

ITMA 2019 will be the ideal showcase for the Italian textile machinery Industry’s best technologies, thanks to innovative, digital and sustainable solutions and to its centuries-old know-how

The eighteenth ITMA exhibition will take place in Barcelona, from 20th through 26th June. It is an international shop-window for all manufacturers in the textile machinery Industry, a world class exhibition taking place every four years.

As it was the case in the past, at ITMA Barcelona visitors will have the opportunity to get to know the high quality and technology level of Italian textile machines. In fact, Italy is an outspoken world leader in this Industry, together with a few countries, say Germany, Japan and Switzerland. The figures speak by themselves: 300 companies, 12,000 workers, 2.5 billion Euro value of production, 85% of which obtained in more than 100 countries. However, Italy is mainly a leader of technological solutions offered to companies in the world.

Tradition and innovation as well

The key of success of the Italian textile machinery Industry is its time-honoured tradition and innovation.
The age-old tradition of our country in textile material processing gave us the opportunity to gather the knowledge and skills to build a global leadership based on creativity, quality and innovative solutions. Innovation was and still is an instrument to strengthen our know-how and tradition.

Both are common features of the made in Italy textile supply chain, upstream and downstream, starting from the textile machine Industry. Connected with long term customers, based in typically textile industry oriented regions, Italian machinery manufacturers have established themselves with quality, reliability and a versatile technology, now acknowledged in the world, witnessed through the large number of Italian textile machines in all countries where a textile Industry is thriving.

Digitalization and sustainability

In Barcelona, about 360 Italian exhibitors – the largest group among all countries – will once again catch the attention with a high value offer. In the last few years, Italian manufacturers have committed themselves to a two-pronged effort: sustainability and digitalization of their range. In fact, today the textile Industry has to face the challenge of new business models, where a consumer asking for customized, sustainable products is the core of the decision making process. Hence, a digital conversion of the manufacturing process and the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the product are the ground on which textile businesses have to move to meet a changing market demand. The Italian textile machine Industry is ready to rise to the challenge, to become the ideal partner of textile companies wishing to remain competitive in the years to come.
I can only wish exhibitors and visitors at ITMA a great success!