Amann develops products in a targeted manner in order to make them not only more sustainable, but also more environmentally friendly through the use of selected recycling and natural materials. The company’s sustainable product range consists of the RECYCLED line and the LIFECYCLE line.

All products from the LIFECYCLE line are CRADLE TO CRADLE CERTIFIED GOLD, so that they are either completely reprocessed or completely biodegradable. Moreover, Amann has joined the UN Global Compact and certifies its production sites according to the Global Recycled Standard.

Amann’s sewing and embroidery threads from the RECYCLED line are made from 100% recycled materials and have almost the same quality features as the excellent range products, for instance in terms of breakings strength, abrasion resistance and sewability.

Now, Amann is breaking new ground with the CRADLE TO CRADLE® principle: it stands for a consistent, continuous recycling management, where no waste is generated, as the CRADLE TO CRADLE® products are either used as biological nutrients in biological cycles, or they are continuously kept in technical cycles as technical nutrients. Amann proudly offers the customers the first CRADLE TO CRADLE CERTIFIED GOLD sewing thread from the LIFECYCLE range.

Further products in the LIFECYCLE line will follow to enable the customers to have circular technical or biological material flows.