The world of textiles and their use in Fashion are constantly and quickly evolving. Technological and innovative fabrics are being widely used both in hand-made and in industrial production of garments.

Pony, important reality in the manufacturing of state-of-the-art industrial ironining and finishing machines, keeps a sharp eye on what this market requires and offers a wide range of finishing machines, to iron all kinds of garments.

Ironing tables: from the simplest vacuum boards to tables with 3 functions (vacuum/blowing/steam), all available with extras such as sleeve ironing shapes and spotting shapes.

Form Finishers for outerwear: simple or with tensioning system, hybrid form finishers for shirts and outerwear.

Shirt Finishers: well-appreciated for their functionality, productivity and extreme ease of use.

Pants Toppers, both manual or pneumatic: suitable for finishing jeans and classic pants, their versions with special clamps and effective anti-stretching devices (for waist and legs) are particularly recommended for stretch fabrics.

Spotting Machines: professional cold or steam spotting machines.

Steam Generators.

Finishing presses available with a wide range of buck shapes.

An extensive network of sales distributors, both in Italy ad abroad, supports the client with professionalism and competence in selecting the right equipment for its requirements.